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Thursday, 13 July

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  • Can a charm offensive buy the Canadian navy support? Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun
    For most Canadians — women in particular — the military isn’t a priority. So, even against the backdrop of rising tensions among Canada, its NATO allies and U.S. President Donald Trump’s lukewarm commitment to the alliance, rising concerns over North Korea’s increasingly frequent missile tests, conflicts in the Middle East and terrorism threats, the massive, proposed spending increase is a risk for the Liberals.
  • What in the World is Vladimir Putin Up To? Atlantic Council
    “Putin would ultimately like to make the big deal with the United States which allows him freedom of action in the former Soviet Union and the former East Bloc. What he would like is a return to the nineteenth century sphere of influence where Russia is again a dominant power in Eastern Europe and Central Asia,” said Farkas.
  • Nuclear versus diesel-electric: the case for conventional submarines for the RAN, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
    Securing sea lines of communication and the nation’s seaboard remains paramount in Australia’s national defence strategy. Diesel-electric submarines (SSK) excel in littoral or coastal waters, as is the case for the continent’s northern and northwestern approaches. And Australia’s strategic alliance interests are well served by providing the US Navy with an operational submarine capability it needs but doesn’t have. The US values RAN submarines for their littoral capabilities that form a natural extension to United States Navy (USN) nuclear submarine operations.
  • Navy Releases Details of New FFG(X) Guided-Missile Frigate Program in Request to Industry, US Naval Institute News
    “This platform will employ unmanned systems to penetrate and dwell in contested environments, operating at greater risk to gain sensor and weapons advantages over the adversary,” according to the RFI.
    “The FFG(X) will be capable of establishing a local sensor network using passive onboard sensors, embarked aircraft and elevated/tethered systems and unmanned vehicles to gather information and then act as a gateway to the fleet tactical grid using resilient communications systems and networks.”