Wednesday, 12 July

  • There’s Only One Way to End the War in Afghanistan, The Nation
    And the surge Donald Trump is poised to authorize is not it. We don’t need to waste more lives and resources in Afghanistan. We don’t need a comprehensive strategy for more war in Afghanistan. We need a simple decision to get out.
  • Trump and Saudi Arabia Against the World, The Nation
    an overarching picture emerges: that the impulsive Donald Trump has met his younger counterpart, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, equally impulsive and blind to even the medium-term consequences of his aggressive initiatives. In addition, in an autocratic monarchy without free speech, elections, or representative government (and with an abominable record on human rights violations), he lacks all checks and balances. The shared obsession of the prince and the president with Iran, which neither of them is able to comprehend in its complexity, has the potential for creating a true global crisis. If anything, the pressure on Trump in his imagined new world order is only increasing to do the Saudis one better and push a regime-change agenda in a big way when it comes to Iran. It’s a formula for disaster on a breathtaking scale.
  • North Korea’s ICBM: A new missile and a new era, War on the Rocks
    North Korea didn’t just acquire an ICBM out of nowhere. This is a long-sought capability that is paired with an increasingly clear nuclear strategy.
  • Canadian Defense Review Depicts Russia as an Arctic Adversary, NewsDeeply
    Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have framed the security threats in the Arctic posed by Russia in the starkest terms seen in more than 30 years, says Rob Huebert, a fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.