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Friday, 30 June

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  • Are Israel and Hezbollah Preparing for War?
    Hezbollah’s role in the Syria conflict has transformed and emboldened the Lebanese Shiite movement—and worried Israel.
  • North Korea’s nuclear power strategy
    North Korea is well on its way to becoming a nuclear-armed state with the Kim Jong-un regime impervious to coercion, sanctions or incentives.
  • How to win an argument at the Pentagon
    There are always more than two options. Through decades of schooling and sports, many of us learn to think of all choices as a matter of right versus wrong. We mistakenly believe there is a rationally optimal choice, which anyone, anywhere would accept as long as they apply sound reasoning.
  • Strong Secure Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy
    This policy is grounded in a thorough assessment of the global security environment – one that is marked by the shifting balance of power, the changing nature of conflict, and the rapid evolution of technology.
  • How does Canada’s new Defence Policy measure up? A Benchmark Analysis
    Failure to improve long-term political consensus-building on Canadian defence policy makes yet more hugely wasteful redirects following future elections likely, and the nation simply can’t afford them.